Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Languages Do Michael Buble Speak?

Rakeback welcome

So, last month I had thought a couple of objectives:

Thus, the goals for February:
- prepare for exams well done and of course rock

- 15k hands at NL25 play fail were only 9k and only 1 stack up
- sometimes shotter briefly NL50 if I feel alright fail because bankroll divided and eingecasht on carbon

- NL Holdem - Read Theory and Practice (which obv will be the most difficult goal. because it holds me to read so seldom bucks Books) epic fail, have read grade 3 pages and really have forgotten how
you can see I've almost completely blown it all targets. Least of all the test went well and now I have at least once to do nothing at all and can play a lot.

times I wanted to get some fresh air, I decided once at Carbon einzucashen what. The decisive factor was 35% rakeback daily and the statement of GuschdlJoe that it should be there pretty fishy.
So geshippt 620 to Neteller and gecasht for carbon and then annoyed that I had to pay $ 11 change fee -> next Fail. Can also slow a "daily chgkks fails post" do as Poemmel

:-) But I must say it runs on carbon quite appealing. 'm Still $ 50 bonuses for 'Eincashen get via Neteller "-. nice>
Otherwise triffts what says Guschdl pretty well on the way fish are ultra weak and only a few Regs, but which play a large part ABC poker and thus are exploitable
Today ran. but imo not so hot.'m a stack under EV and it was a rough up and down. It does not stop when sitting around a round, only fish, but you do not get the cards to subtract them or when the river unfortunately But behind the content.
Overall I was glad I was able to save the session nor the slight increase. Also, I've played quite a value. If you consider that last month only 9k and I were now done over 2k
did with 4 Tabling and regular Breaks.

gratifying is that I have now earned $ 15 rakeback, which is tomorrow in the account. Thus, the session was somewhat less positive. With 35% RB, Star (at least on the Micros) can not keep up easily and when my hands at some point even better fit to the board, then I see all of the stacks at my table NoBrainer already walking on my account. Just look at what we
times rumkommt.
Incidentally, I have a little race started with Guschdl. Who the first month is at 20k hands to win :...................................... ... nothing. But is still a little incentive. Will finally able to "first" scream.

A private Fail is atm but my Internet Connection. Eigenlich I should have with 16k DSL Fastpath (that is really good ping values). Currently, however, an old analog modem stable. I have a ping beyond good and evil and a downstream mikrigen of 250 kbits / s. Simply ridiculous. And my Great Internet provider does not find the error. Great cinema.
showed noticeable in the fact that I have regular trailer in the game and constantly (of course, times when I think AK, etc.) lose the connection and the hand PF already something. -> Crushing Reitz

far So


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